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Voices of Youth

A program for youth, by youth!

Our mission

After voicing her desire to help the youth community fulfill their specific needs, Anacheliz Ortiz, the daughter of NML’s founder Ana Ortiz, formed Voices of Youth, a subgroup of NML. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Anacheliz saw how her friends and family of similar age struggled in different ways. At first, she decided that organizing covid-safe movie nights would be a great way to foster engagement and help alleviate the isolation many felt from necessary quarantine. But after talking with NML’s network of supporters, Voices of Youth was created and would extend itself into planning additional youth-oriented programs.

To support the Hispanic/LatinX community and cultural exchange, NML and its subdivision, Voices of Youth, held summer art workshops in a Hispanic/LatinX context for Ithaca youth. Artwork created in these sessions and from our open-call to submissions will be showcased through NML’s weekly food distributions during national Hispanic/ LatinX Heritage Month.


Voices of Youth is partially supported by the Rural Humanities Initiative from an award by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Cornell Department of Comparative Literature, and the Cornell Latina/o Studies Program. 

Upcoming Activities

Cultural Exchanges

In light of the Covid-19 Delta variant’s effects on the Ithaca community, Voices of Youth will be re-directing its activities and resources to the community’s critical needs by holding cultural showcases during outdoor food distributions. Local artists and enthusiasts will be invited to showcase cultural artifacts of Hispanic/ LatinX origin at the NML headquarters park. Whether it is a musical performance, “manualidades” (crafts), or even storytelling, Voices of Youth believes a cultural exchange during distribution will both increase attendance, attract new community members but also promote a dire service during this difficult time. 

Date: September 15th – October 15th, 2021 during food distributions Thursdays @ 4:00 pm

Hispanic | LatinX Heritage Month

To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, circumstances permitting, No Mas Lagrimas & Voices of Youth plan to hold an outdoor block party. While following safe covid-19 protocol, the event will be limited in capacity and only serve to-go containers from food vendors. There will also be a DJ and live band performing at the event. This block party will not only allow the LatinX community to celebrate its resilience through the pandemic, but it will introduce community members to the charity work of No Mas Lagrimas | Voices of Youth that they too can be involved in.

Date: TBD

Sign-up to share at our cultural exchanges!

If you are interested in being a participating artist please fill out the form below.

Summer Arts Program

Take a look at the projects made this summer during our 8-week workshops! Workshops included painting, Mojigangas construction, clay hand-building tutorials, Mariachi, jewelry, and more.

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