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Stay updated on our community efforts!

We find it important to showcase the efforts of our amazing volunteers across the multiple No Mas Lagrimas public programs. Hopefully, you can find inspiration in the work that we do!


Mariachi Workshop

By Ana Florencia López Ulloa– August 7th, 2021 “So what is your experience with mariachi?” Cindy asked over the phone. The 40 minute conversation that followed a couple of days before the workshop startedwas a beautiful bonding moment. Cindy, a retired elementary school teacher that had ledthe mariachi workshop at Belle Sherman Elementary School forContinue reading “Mariachi Workshop”


HQ Grand Opening

July 7th, 2021. By Sabrina Gonzalez Haertig July 7th, 2021, was a momentous day for Ana Ortiz’s No Mas Lagrimas as the organization officiated its 501(c)(3) non-profit status with a new headquarters. The origin story of No Mas Lagrimas begins with Ana Ortiz extending a hand to her neighbors out of her own home. ThenContinue reading “HQ Grand Opening”

Empanada Event

June 12th, 2021. By Marie Keele Activities on Saturday, June 12 began at noon for a few of us. That’s when we started setting up burners, peeling potatoes, and filling wash bins for a fundraiser that was to start at 5 – and it took every bit of that time to get ready. The fundraiserContinue reading “Empanada Event”


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